About Beth Lilly

Specializing in real estate, interiors and architectural photography in the metro Atlanta area, Beth Lilly is also a nationally exhibited and published photographic artist.  She's been photographing since 1985 so her experience in both commercial and art photography is deep and rich. After receiving her MFA in Photography at Georgia State, Beth began as a photo editor for Turner Broadcasting, working with Turner’s marketing and PR departments to create, select and use photos to promote their original programming, their sports teams (Atlanta Braves, Hawks, and Thrashers – remember them?), CNN and other divisions.  By the end of her time at Turner, she had become director of all the photography post-production groups as well as the director of the corporate photographic archives.  Beth spent four years teaching photography at the college level before she became the executive director of a non-profit photography art gallery.  As an artist, her work is included in the collections of major art museums such as the High Museum in Atlanta, the New Mexico Museum of Art, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art (New Orleans), she's had a major book published work from her acclaimed series, “The Oracle at Wifi” and is the recipient of many grants and awards.  Beth began shooting real estate for herself and friends and really enjoyed the challenge.  When she signed on as a photographer for Airbnb, she found she loved bringing out the best in all the properties she worked with.


About Real Estate Photography

Professional photography has a significant and proven impact on the desirability and sale price of a property.  Studies show that professional photography increases the number of clicks on a property by 100% and can help a listing sell 50% faster than comparable homes. And according to Airbnb’s research, listings with professional photographs are booked 2.5 times more than homes without professional photos.  It’s not just the fact that I’m using professional equipment – that’s just the beginning.  A professional photographer knows how to create the warm, inviting light and flattering angles that make the most of a home’s features.  I use a combination of natural lighting and strobe lighting to create a beauty that feels realistic and natural, not plastic or garish.  I depend on my years of working with marketing teams to find visual ways to tell the unique story of each property so that it stands out from other MLS listings, compelling buyers to fall in love with it before they ever set foot on the property.